Raw Power Meets Velvet Touch.



This is awesome! I never understood how different paddles could be, until I played with the Spade. The grip is longer than your average paddle and the texture of the face is kind of rough so you can actually add spin! You get what you pay for and I love it!

Elizabeth Harper

The Best Paddle There Is!

I’ve used every Pickleball paddle brand under the sun . Nothing has given me the mix of control, forgiveness, and power like the ACE spade. I love everything about this product and company! It is an elite Pickleball product.

Dylan Applegate

You won’t be disappointed.

Absolutely love this paddle. It has great touch that gives you great control on drop shots. It has a great feel when you drive the ball. I’m able to control passing down the line shots. The Ace is also extremely easy to maneuver around the court with an extended handle for two handed backhands.

Casey Kay