After playing competitive tennis for most of his life, Will caught the pickleball bug in 2022 and became addicted to the sport. As he transitioned to pickleball from tennis, he tested out dozens of paddles in search of the perfect high-performance paddle that would complement his tennis background. However, he never found one that satisfied all his needs. As his skills improved, he decided to stop searching for the perfect paddle and create one instead.

This led Will to reach out to his long-time work colleague and fellow pickleball enthusiast, Brian McDonaugh, to initiate the research and development process for their new product. With Brian's extensive industry experience in product design and branding and Will's significant playing background, they set out to manufacture a paddle that would give players a competitive edge on the court. Their flagship model, the Spade, was recently released to great success.

ACE Pickleball, co-founded by Will and Brian, is committed to providing players with a premium playing experience and will NEVER FOLD.