Casey Kay

Casey is a professional pickleball player and coach from Atlanta Ga. He played D1 tennis for Georgia Tech where he played 3 singles and 1 doubles. Casey and his brother were ranked top 10 in the country in doubles his senior year at Tech. He was introduced to pickleball in 2020 at the club where he teaches tennis in Atlanta. After seeing the inclusivity he took over the program and has built a large community of players with a full program of events, leagues, clinics, and lessons for pickleball. 

Casey has dabbled in some pro tournaments and played against top players Ben Johns, Collin johns, Riley Newman, and Matt Wright. After many years off of competitive tennis he is excited to compete regularly in 2023. Casey has demoed every brand of pickleball paddle to bring in the best for their pro shop. He loves the feel and touch that he receives from 16mm Spade. He has noticed improvement in dinks, resets, and 3rd shot drops while still having good power for drives and counter attacks.