Elly Smith

Elly Smith is an up and coming professional player from Mount Carmel, IL. She first picked up a paddle in 2021, having no idea how to play Pickleball or having any type of racket sport background. After meeting some seasoned players from her area, she was taught how to play and quickly fell in love with the sport and advanced into playing at the highest amateur level in less than a year. Her goal for 2023 is to start playing pro more consistently.“Playing pro is where some of the best competition is at. Even if I don’t do well initially, I would rather be the lowest player competing with the best in the world, because that is what will make me a better over time. It’s not a sprint to the top, it’s a marathon. And you have to be willing to meet failure along the road to success, knowing all of that is what makes a player truly great.”Her favorite medals she has won has been bronze in mixed at the APP NextGen in Dallas, 4th in mixed in Kansas City and 3rd over all women’s player in San Antonio in 2022. She hopes to add to her medal collection this year.While Elly is a dedicated player, she also has become a pickleball social media influencer. She loves to create content that makes people laugh and want to try pickleball for themselves. She is also a spokesperson for those who struggle with tournament anxiety and seeks to help them overcome through her own experiences. Her platform continues to grow everyday as she continues to connect with with people and players from all over the country. 
She is known for making friends wherever she goes and never meets a stranger. She loves hearing about peoples’ journey and bonding over the mutual love of pickleball. So, if you see her around be sure to say hi!When she’s not on the courts, she works as the manager of a growing local coffee shop chain and is known for always serving coffee with a smile on her face. She is also an avid musician and played volleyball for several years before she took up pickleball. “I’m so thrilled to be part of the Ace team. I truly believe that the Ace paddle is one of the best paddles on the market to help any player become more powerful and consistent. I’ve noticed a massive difference in my game since using the Spade paddle. I’m more consistent than I’ve ever been, and I love the feeling of absolute control over the ball. It is sleek, flashy, makes a statement and fits who I am as player down to the motto of “Never Fold”. As I continue to grow and push myself to new heights in my game, I’m so excited to hold in my hand a paddle that reminds me to never give up or be defined by one game, match or tournament. I will ‘Never Fold’.”‍

Team Ace