Tito Lladro

Tito is a professional pickleball player from Madrid, Spain. He is currently living in Tennessee. Tito played high level tennis in Spain and in college he was playing top lineup for Tennessee Wesleyan University. Tito found out about pickleball for the first time in 2018, but did not pick up a paddle again until the end of 2020.In 2021, Tito achieved a gold medal in the National Indoor Tournament in Men’s Singles 5.0. Tito decided to go on to play pro tournaments in 2022 achieving Bronze Medal in APP Indianapolis playing Pro doubles with partner Federico Staksrud and Silver Medal in APP Alabama playing Pro doubles with doubles partner Jordan Kinney. Tito also achieved 5th place in singles pro in APP South Carolina and 5th place in singles pro in APP Los Angeles.
Besides being a great pickleball player, Tito enjoys coaching pickleball. He loves to encourage others with his passion for the sport. Currently Tito is coaching in Knoxville, TN. His biggest motivation comes from his wife Alexa and son Oliver, which are always supporting him throughout his pickleball journey.Aside from pickleball, Tito likes to play soccer, and hangout with friends and family. Tito, in his free time, likes to listen to music; his favorite genre is country music.Tito wants readers to know that he is caring, strong in his beliefs, and enthusiastic to spread his pickleball knowledge and experience to others. When asked for advice to give new pickleball players, Tito said, “ Don’t forget to have fun, you can meet lifelong friends during your time on the pickleball court. It’s crazy to see how many people, from all ages, are having fun together all thanks to pickleball”.

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