Anderson Scarpa

Anderson Scarpa is a 28-year-old professional pickleball player from Charleston, South Carolina. Scarpa was born and raised in Charleston and attended Mercer University, where he played Division 1 tennis and competed in the top 4 singles positions in every dual match for all 4 years.Scarpa started playing pickleball in July 2020, and within just 2 years has already achieved signature wins in doubles against some of the top players in the sport, including Kyle Yates, Colin Johns, Pat Smith, Rob Cassidy, Adam Stone, Rafa Hewett, and Spencer Smith. Scarpa has also won 3 pro medals on the APP tour, including a bronze medal in men's pro doubles with Greg Dow at the APP South Carolina Open, a gold medal in pro mixed doubles with Arielle Butler at the APP Indy Open, and a bronze medal in men's pro doubles with Greg Dow at the APP Alabama Classic.‍

In addition to his success in doubles, Scarpa has also achieved a singles ranking of #13 in the world, with wins over Ryan Sherry, AJ Koller, Rafa Hewett, and Gabriel Tardio. Scarpa has said that he loves the sport of pickleball because of the strategic and physical elements that make it feel like a puzzle, while simultaneously requiring physical fitness and mental toughness.Anderson Scarpa is a rising star in the world of pickleball, and his impressive achievements in just a few short years show that he is a force to be reckoned with on the court.